Bj’s on the Water

It has been 41 years of late nights, early mornings, canoe races, band setups, amazing sunsets, seafood skins, friends becoming family, some tears, LOTS of laughs, golf tournaments, weddings, birthdays, date nights, parties, the list could go on and on. Throughout 41 years, BJ’s on the Water has become a home and brought many memories for thousands of employees and especially, for the owners, Billy & Maddy.

With emotions flowing, and hearts extremely heavy, we have decided to hang our hats. It is time to end an era. We are officially selling.

Most of you know Billy’s health has been… well, not the greatest. Through successful cancer treatments and his heart needing a little help operating and now Maddy joining the club with a couple of operations of her own, PLUS trying to run a restaurant in COVID-19 times, it is time to take a step back so they can finally relax.

Sunday, January 31st, will be our last day as BJ’s on the Water.

We would love to see each and every one of you. To those who can’t make it, please know we are extremely grateful for the many years of loyal support.

Also, please remember we are still only operating at 50% and closing at 10 pm. We plan to follow all rules and regulations as we have since May.

Thank You & Much Love,

❤️ The BJ’s Crew